Black Crows Furtis Pole

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Black Crows Furtis Pole

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Still with its celebrated 22 mm diameter, still in 100 % composite, very strong and ultra-light thanks to its slightly bendy structure that can absorb shocks, the furtis has been updated, including a refinement at the top of its long grip, making it easier to grasp.


As for its wrist strap, inspired by safety-harness, it is now fixed with a tougher cap.


Product Note Status Price
Black Crows Corvus 18/19 Black Crows Corvus 18/19
499.00 € *
Black Crows Duos Freebird Pole Black Crows Duos Freebird Pole
119.95 € *
Black Crows Ferox Freebird 19/20 Black Crows Ferox Freebird 19/20
only 849.95 € *
Black Crows Navis 19/20 Black Crows Navis 19/20
679.95 € *
Black Crows Camox 19/20 Black Crows Camox 19/20
649.95 € *
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